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Our online loan application is faster, easier to use and designed to provide you with an immediate response. We have set up criteria to give you automatic approval for certain loan types. You may be approved immediately or we may need to review your loan request in more detail before we can give you a final approval. In either case, we should be able to give you an answer regarding your loan request and have a loan check for you within 24 business hours, (weekdays).

If this is your first time applying for a loan, please read through these instructions, and/or print them out before you actually apply. It will save you time in the long run. Click on the button below to download a printer friendly version (Adobe Reader required).

Printer Friendly Version

To get started, you need to have access to the secure area of our web site.  If you are not signed up yet please call our office-(203) 227-8511 during office hours.  Once you have access (with a password) to your secure account page you will be able to click on “FLEXTELLER” and fill in the required security information. Then click on the “Apply for Loan” icon at the top of the page from your own secure account page.

What are the loan types and how much can I apply for online?

Motor Vehicles: For motor vehicle loans, we will provide loans for 100% of the average retail value as listed by the NADA, (before applying, call us with the Vehicle Identification Number and mileage-we can tell you what the motor vehicle is worth) . For New Vehicles, we will provide loans up to the full purchase price. You will need to provide the motor vehicle information when applying for the loan, so please have the VIN # ready along with the make, model, mileage of the car and the dealer contact information.

Personal: “Signature” Loans: For Personal “Signature” loans you can get up to $ 10,000 for a member or $ 20,000 for a member and a co-applicant, (can be another member or any other adult individual with a good credit rating and reasonable income).

Share Secured Loans: You can get a loan up to the total value of shares in your Regular Shares or Certificate (Regular CD) account if you agree to keep the money in the account up to the value of the loan. With this type of loan, you receive our best “secured” rates, (same as auto loans).

VISA Credit Card: You can apply for a VISA Credit Card with up to a $ 10,000 credit line (based on your credit score). Put in $ 10,000 as the requested amount. We will adjust it if necessary-see VISA Cards on our home page for more information.

Lines of Credit: You can set up a line of credit to ‘back-up’ your share draft account. If you overdraw your share draft account the credit line will cover you with an automatic loan. This loan is provided at the rate of 15% APR.

To apply for one of the above loan types just “CLICK” on the loan you want and fill in information requested. If you have had a previous loan with us recently, your information from the previous loan is already there. Please review the information and make sure it is the most current information for you. If necessary, add or change the information making sure it is the most current information in each section.

For Co-Maker Loans fill in the information for applicant then you will be prompted to add the information for the co-applicant. Click “add co-applicant” after you complete the references information for yourself.

Your application will only be sent after you accept the disclosure terms and either press enter or click on the “CONTINUE” icon. If you wish to cancel the loan application, click on “Cancel Loan”.

After you have submitted the application you will need to fax or email to us, a copy of your last two pay stubs or your last two years IRS form 1040 Income Tax statements. For motor vehicle loans, we will need the conditional bill of sale from the dealer, (listing the salesperson’s name, dealer name, address, phone and Fax number along with pertinent information on the car you are purchasing, including dollar amount the check needs to be. Our Facsimile number is (203) 227-0266. Please call us any time during business hours at (203) 227-8511 to confirm that we have received all of your information and to discuss your loan. We want to help you achieve your financial goals responsibly.

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