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Home Improvements ~ Family Vacations ~ Unexpected Expenses ~ Debt Consolidation

Loan Amounts

  • A credit members (FICO 700 +) may borrow up to $10,000, on your signature alone or $25,000 with a qualified co-applicant.
  • B credit members (FICO 640 – 699) may borrow up to $10,000, on your signature alone or $20,000 with a qualified co-applicant.
  • If your credit score is less than 640, the maximum you may borrow on your signature is $7,500 or $15,000 with a qualified co-borrower.
  • The actual amount you qualify for may vary based upon the application and your credit profile.

Green Signature Loans

Members can take 1% off our normal personal loan rates (up to $25,000), for any home improvement project that involves energy efficient material, such as:

  • Solar Power
  • Thermal Windows
  • Insulation
  • Energy Efficient Appliances for Your Home

Loan Rates

Our Risk Based Loan Policy rewards our members who maintain good credit ratings by providing excellent loan rates. At the same time it recognizes the risk of providing loans to individuals who have less than stellar credit and requires higher interest rates based on lower credit categories. We have established five (5) credit categories or “grades” with correspondingly higher interest rates as the members’ credit score declines. This pricing arrangement has been implemented by most financial institutions because it more accurately reflects the risks of lending.

Click on Personal Loan Rates to view current loan rates.

Quick Applications

When we need to borrow money, we want to know as soon as possible that we have been approved. For the quickest response from our office, we recommend that members apply for loans online by using their FLEXTELLER account.

On-line Loan Applications:
For members using On-Line Banking, go to our Home Page and log in to your FLEXTELLER account. Click on the “Apply for a loan” link and follow the instructions to submit an online loan application (select “Signature Loan” for a Personal Loan). You may also log in through the Online Account Access Page.

For instructions on how to complete an on-line application, click here. You may print the instructions, using your normal browser print function. When you have have finished, close that window and you will be returned here.

Proof of income is required for approval consideration. For on-line applications either fax the proof to 203.227.0266 or e-mail it to Once received, we can usually have an answer for you within 24 hours. Please provide us with your proof of income, (two recent consecutive pay stubs or your last income tax return, pages 1 & 2 – showing adjusted gross income).

Paper Application

For members not yet using On-Line Banking, simply complete a loan application (for a printable copy, click here) and provide proof of income and we can usually have an answer for you by the next business day. (For proof of income, use either two recent consecutive pay stubs, your last federal tax return pages 1 & 2, or a letter from your employer.)

For Debt Consolidation Loans:

Include copies of the bills you intend to be paid with current payoff balances. This allows us to counsel our members on which bills to pay off first and we issue the checks to the debtors and pay them off for you.

Overdraft Protection (Share Draft Line of Credit)

Have you ever had to race a check to the bank? Have you ever lost this race? Avoid overdraft charges by opening a Share Draft Line of Credit. Once approved, this loan will automatically advance funds up to your pre-set limit to cover checks you write that would otherwise overdraw your account. There are no overdraft fees, you pay only the interest on the amount advanced. Credit lines are available from $500.00 to $2,500.00. A completed application and proof of income are all that is needed for approval. Never pay an overdraft fee again.

Loan Protection

Credit Life and Credit Disability insurance is offered when you apply for a loan. Credit Disability insurance provides coverage if you become disabled for a covered illness during the time you have the loan and can’t work. If you are disabled for more than two weeks and are unable to work, this insurance kicks in and pays your loan payments. Credit Life insurance can help reduce or pay off your loan if you die before the loan is repaid.

Loan Calculator

Look for yourself!!
Click here to use a loan calculator and determine what your loan payment would be on any loan and see how affordable loan protection would be for you. Please note, the initial calculation includes coverage for term life and disability insurance. You have the option of removing both of these coverages for the calculation.

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