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Credit Card Fraud Is a Serious Problem and Yes, Credit Card Fraud Happened To Us!

It really happens! David Ritch, once experienced an attempted credit card fraud.
Fortunately for David, he uses a Visa Card from Tri-Town Teachers FCU which is protected by a real time alert system.
That system caught the fraud attempt as it was in process
and confirmed with David, through a text message,
that it was indeed an attempted fraud transaction.
Here is a copy of that message:

David responded “No” in a text message back!

It Was Stopped!
The attempted fraud transaction was stopped in its tracks.
David’s credit card was blocked, protecting him from any further attempts at fraud with that card. He was promptly notified through a follow-up text message (see below).

This Real Time Alert System is part of the TTTFCU Credit/Debit Card Package.

But for this system to work for you, we must have your current mobile phone number on file!
Please be sure you have provided that number to us.

Followup Call
A followup call re-confirmed the block and David was informed how the blocked cars would be replaced.

Followup email
In addition to the text message alert and phone call, an email message summarizing the complete episode and status was sent to David, (see below).

It’s important to note the ID of the sender,

A similar email from a different ID would not be a fraud alert from TTTFCU:


David’s real life experience is an exclamation point to these important facts:
Credit card fraud does happen and it could happen to you.

A real time fraud alert system is critical to preventing a fraud attempt from succeeding.
Tri-Town Teachers FCU provides such a fraud protection system with its Visa Credit & Debit Cards.

Call us at 203.227.8511 to learn more or have any questions answered.
Visit our office to talk with us about all the fraud protection offered.

Be Ready to Protect Yourself When Credit Card Fraud Occurs

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