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While other financial institutions are continually adding fees, we’re doing the opposite by keeping our promise to lead in member-value by offering more for less. We are now rewarding Active Members with NO FEES!


We are requesting members to sign up for eStatements to save us the expense of sending out paper statements that are very costly for us and damaging to the planet and rewarding our members with no fees. It is easy to check statements online to print them out or download them to a computer. We will send an email alert to let members know when their statement is available with a link to our website each month. To review a statement just go to our FLEXTELLER Secure Online Access System and click on STATEMENTS at the top of the secure account page.


No Account Fees to Pay

Some of you are using us just for savings and we ask you why you want to pay ridiculous fees to the bank you are using when we can provide all the services you need ABSOLUTELY FREE? We respectfully ask you why you are spending more money than you need to just to keep your money in an impersonal bank? Please consider moving all your business to TRI-TOWN TEACHERS FCU and pay NO FEES!

No Fee ATM Network

You may say, “well…my bank has ATM’s all over the place and I like to go to the ATM to get money or make deposits whenever I want.” To that we answer–TTTFCU is a member of the CU24 Network–that lets you do transactions at over 55,000 ATM locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and several European countries as well, with NO SURCHARGES and NO FEES. That’s right, those $2 or $3 ATM surcharge fees do not exist if you use our DEBIT/ATM card and use any of the CU24/ALLPOINT/MONEYPASS network ATM’s

Whenever you need cash you can go to any ATM at CVS, Walgreens, Targets, 7/11’s (check the list in your area by going to and click on the ATM locator; then select-SURCHARGE FREE ATM’S and enter your zip code), with many locations in our area. As there are no CVS/Target stores in Weston, we have also made arrangements with Peter’s Market in the Weston Center to cash TTTFCU members’ checks. Just see Jim Magee, owner of Peter’s and he will cash your checks for you.

Direct Deposits

You may say, “my bank is close by so it is more convenient for me to make deposits.” To that we answer–consider using direct deposit to us. Why waste your time making deposits? All you need to do is tell your payroll point that you want all your pay deposited to your account at TTTFCU. Give them our routing number 221174498 and your account number at Tri-Town Teachers FCU. It’s as simple as that.

Remote Deposits using Our Mobile App

Use your smartphone with our Mobile App to deposit checks remotely

On-line Bill Paying

What about paying bills…my bank offers a bill pay service?” No problem, we offer one of the best bill pay services on the planet and it is (you guessed it) FREE. For more information on our bill pay service click here.

Low Interest Credit Card with Rewards

OK, my bank has a credit card that offers rewards and cash back.” So does TTTFCU and check our interest rates. You will find that our rates (starting at 7.95%) are much cheaper than what you can expect from any bank. We also offer balance transfers with NO FEES (there’s that no fees thing again; are we making any sense?). Most bank cards are charging a 3% or 5% fee for balance transfers with a minimum payment of $35.

What about REWARDS? How good is the TTTFCU re-wards program? TTTFCU offers 1 point for every dollar you spend on your Visa Credit card purchases. In addition, we give you double points when you are most likely to use your card-5 months each and every year (June – August and November-December). Oh, by the way, there are NO ANNUAL FEES, for members who use eStatements! We even tell you how many rewards points you have earned each month and how many points you have accumulated at the end of your monthly Visa Billing Statement so you know where you stand with rewards every month. You can earn up to 100,000 rewards points each year just by using our VISA credit card. What will 100,000 points get you? Check our rewards site (click EXTRA AWARDS) and you will see that we offer gift cards from just about every major retailer, hotel stays, gas cards, airline tickets, Itunes cards, movie tickets, you name it and we have it on our rewards site. If you want cash back-no problem. We’ll credit your account or send you a check.

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