Tri-Town Teachers FCU Takes the Threat of Identity Fraud Very Seriously

Tri-Town Teachers FCU places the utmost importance on the protection and security of our members’ financial information. We have implemented the most current security technology and practices to protect this information.

This is an ongoing process to continually review and improve the protection and security we provide. Members can be assured that we will continue to implement and use the best technology and practices available for the protection and security of their financial information.

We provide our members with many ways to help them manage and protect their accounts from fraud and loss. These features are available for share draft checking, savings accounts and credit cards.


As the name implies, an e-Alert informs you of an action that has occurred on one of your accounts, Savings, Checking or Visa Credit Account.

e-Alerts are sent to the email address you have on file with us. You can set these alerts up by going to your online Flexteller account and clicking on CU Services. Then click on Manage e-Alerts.

When you have a condition on your account that requires an E-ALERT, you will be notified by email that something has happened that you asked to be alerted about.

Example: You can set up an e-alert to let you know if your checking account balance goes below $100, or a Visa Credit Card Purchase Above $25.


You can control your credit and debit cards using our Mobile App

You Can Temporarily Disable Your Card

  • If you will not be using it for a period of time.
  • If you’re not sure where it is, it may be misplaced.
  • When You are ready, use the App to enable it
  • If Your Card Is Lost or Stolen Use the Mobile APP To Report:
  • Lost: Reports your card lost and blocks the card immediately.
  • Stolen: Reports your card stolen and blocks the card immediately.


Enhanced Security:
We have completely converted to the new EMV Chip technology for all of our Visa credit and debit cards.

The EMV (which stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa) cards have a computer chip that will provide a unique transaction code for each transaction, making the cloning of cards useless by criminals stealing the card holders information.

If our members have the option to use the new chip card readers at the point of sale please make sure you are doing that. If the merchant does not have a chip card processing machine and there is fraud on your card the merchant is responsible for any fraud amount, instead of your Credit Union. This should greatly reduce the possibility of fraud on the card holder’s account and save our Credit Union from fraud over time.

More Information:
For more information about EMV cards in general, please visit the web site.


We also provide the ability to use a PIN with both credit and debit cards. Personal Information Numbers (PIN) are provided in case the member wishes to receive a cash advance using their credit card at an ATM machine.

In addition to taking cash from an ATM, eventually, PIN’s for credit cards may be used to enhance purchase security (Chip and PIN purchase transactions are currently in use in Europe to provide two levels of security. This may be coming to the US soon), so please keep your credit card PIN in a safe place for future reference.


Improved Fraud Protection
For members that use our Debit and Credit Cards we have established a notification service from our TTTFCU FRAUD CENTER to alert members 24/7 if there is potential fraud on a credit or debit card transaction. Our processor’s complex software monitors purchasing patterns of our members to alert you if there is a purchase that it considers risky or may be fraud.

Immediate Notification
When you get an alert via text or email, you will be asked to respond YES or NO to the text ASAP; regarding whether you made the purchase.

To be sure that we are sending messages to the correct place, please be sure to check that we have your correct email and cellphone number on file and make any corrections or modifications as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please give us a call 203.227.8511, or visit our Visa Fraud Alert Page.


If you are will be traveling, be sure to notify us if you are using our Visa Credit or Debit Cards.

It is possible that your cards will be blocked if our processor sees unusual activity, with no travel notification!

Please call us with the dates you will be traveling and the countries (international) or U.S. cities where you will be.

You may also receive a text or email message asking about a particular purchase. Please respond to this message as soon as possible.


Any Tri-Town FCU member that has a question or concern about the protection and/or security of their financial information should get in contact with the office at 203.227.8511 or email at

This Is Especially Important If Identity Fraud Is Suspected!

Any Tri-Town FCU member that has a question or concern about the protection and/or security of their financial information should get in contact with the office at 203.227.8511 or email at

This Is Especially Important If Identity Fraud Is Suspected!


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