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If your busy life keeps you on-the-go, then go mobile with us!

The Tri-Town Teachers mobile app is your key to complete on-the-go banking!


  • Deposit Checks
  • Pay Bills
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Transfer Funds
  • Control Your Credit/Debit Card*  (Tri-Town Teachers FCU-issued credit/debit cards only)
  • Take Care of Many Other Banking Needs

Virtually anything you can do from a computer, you can do with our Flexteller…powered by Mobicint system and your smartphone or tablet

In order to use the app you will have to register your mobile device using an authorization code (provided) and device ID. You can register online or via e-mail. Please follow the directions when you download the app.

Use Your FLEXTELLER…powered by Mobicint Account

In order to use these apps you must have access to your accounts remotely through FLEXTELLER… powered by Mobicint. To sign up, call our office at 203-227-8511. All services are free to our members. Big bank services from your local Credit Union, your place for personal service!


  • You will be able to deposit your checks to your savings or checking account using a tablet or smartphone over the internet, (iPhone (4 or above), iPad or any Android smartphone or tablet).
  • Your deposited check(s) will be reviewed for accuracy and accepted on the following business day for deposit.
  • Unlike most banks, we will accept the entire amount of your remote deposit immediately on the following business day with no holds.
  • After you have confirmation that your check has been accepted and the image is on file, you can shred the actual check. To view check images of your remote deposits go to the Deposit menu and tap Review.


Control your credit and debit cards using the mobile app.

Temporarily Disable Your Card

  • If you will not be using it for a period of time.
  • If you’re not sure where it is, it may be misplaced.
  • When You are ready, use the App to enable it

Card Lost or Stolen?

  • Use the mobile app to report it and your card will be blocked immediately.

*For Tri-Town Teacher FCU issued credit/debit cards


If you wish to make a loan payment, deposit your check to your savings or checking, then you can do a transfer to the loan account. You can also set up automatic transfers from savings or checking. Go to FLEXTELLER…powered by Mobicint and select Auto Transfers under ACCOUNTS. Due to federal regulations, you are limited to 6 transfers a month. As always, you can call us and we can do the transfer for you if you wish.


If you are using our free PAY YOUR BILLS bill-pay application on our FLEXTELLER...powered by Mobicint website, our mobile app will also give you the ability to pay bills from your smartphone or tablet. You will be able to schedule a payment to any of your existing Payees or view payment history. You will need to use a computer to establish a new Payee.

To sign up for this free service simply call our office (203.227.8511). It takes just a minute, and you are good to go. It’s simple to use and available 24 hours a day.

After you are signed up, just use the FLEXTELLER…powered by Mobicint Log-In Form on our Home Page to directly access your account. Or you can log in through the Online Account Access Page.

If you have any questions about these exciting mobile services, please call our office at 203-227-8511 or Toll-free at 877-315-8480.

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